Customise & Share an ARDEXacademy Profile Badge

Our recognisable ARDEXacademy profile badges let you quickly share with your followers that you’re signed up to one of our trusted training courses. Now, with our new tool below, you can create an ARDEXacademy profile badge that has been directly customised by you!

Our profile badge customiser allows you to select a favourite picture from your photo library which will then be automatically placed in to your badge.

Follow the other instructions to tweak the composition, download it once happy, and then share it however you like! Don’t forget to tag ARDEX so we can see it too.

Create Your Own ARDEXacademy Badge

Share a Regular ARDEXacademy Badge

Want to share an ARDEXacademy badge on your socials, but without having to customise it? Just save* one of the images below and go forth and share the good news!

* To save a badge below, right click one with your mouse or do a long press on touch devices.

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